Bloom SZN: Surviving Loss as an Angel Mom with Dadriaunna Hayes

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

In this episode, I talk with Dadriaunna Hayes, an Angel Mom whose story will encourage any women dealing with the loss of a child.

This week is National Infertility Awareness Week and is intended to increase awareness of infertility, which affects the reproductive systems of both women and men. Many women under the age of 30 often struggle to talk about this subject because of the shame they feel.

Dadriaunna’s story is, unfortunately, not uncommon. But she shares how she overcame the loss and is still fighting today.

She is a part of several organizations geared toward advocacy and education for women dealing with loss and infertility. She started her own platform called Beauty for Ashes, a community for millennial angel mom’s to share in their and trade ashes for the Beauty of God!

Now more than ever, you can find a community and a safe space to grieve while dealing with loss with women who can truly relate and understand.

Dadriaunna shares openly about her experience at the hospital and how as a WOC she felt she had to advocate for herself to receive basic care. This conversation will change your perspective on child loss and hopefully allow you to become a better self-advocate if the situation ever arises.

Follow Dadriaunna on Instagram @beautyforashes_con or @dae_williams

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