Bloo(M)ing: Lessons I've Learned in 2019 about becoming my BEST self

Welcome to my first Solo Episode! I’m BlooM(artina)ing! Don’t worry I’ll come up with a cuter way to do this lol!

In my purpose rant, I take it back and talk about Kanye and Kevin Hart and their recent moments of growth in the public eye.

This week’s adulting life hack is one that we called could stand to use some move of, so make an intentional effort to implement it in your life.

In this episode, I share some of my greatest lessons of 2019 and how you can implement these in your day-to-day.

It’s all about becoming a better version of yourself and being comfortable in the person you were meant to be no matter the opinions of others

My greatest lesson of this year was truly to trust the process!

I share this and many others in this episode. I hope you too will begin to trust your process as you Bloom, Grow, and Flourish.

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